February 14, 2023

Karen Head: An Inspiring Story of a Writer and Educator 


Karen Head is an inspiring writer and educator who has been making a significant impact in the literary world. Born and raised in Georgia, she has spent most of her life working hard to pursue her passion for writing. Her journey to becoming an educator and writer has been a long and challenging one. But, Karen’s passion and determination have brought her success in both fields. In this blog post, we will discuss Karen Head’s life, her writing journey, and her educational efforts that have made her a renowned personality.

Karen’s Writing Journey:

Karen Head is an award-winning, published author and poet known for her engaging style of writing. She discovered her passion for writing during her college years, and since then, she has written multiple books, essays, and articles. Karen’s blogs and creative works are available on her website, and her writing has been featured in various publications. One of her most famous collections of poems is called Sassing. The collection has received critical acclaim and is considered one of Karen’s most significant achievements.

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Karen’s Teaching Career:

Apart from being a prolific writer, Karen is also an experienced educator. She has taught writing and literature at leading universities such as Georgia Tech, where she’s currently a professor. She has also conducted workshops and seminars on writing extensively. Karen is passionate about promoting writing as a skill, and her partnerships with organizations like the Schorr Family Foundation demonstrate her commitment to the cause. She has initiated several projects such as the Targeted Journaling program to promote creativity and writing and has been awarded several accolades for her work in education.

Karen’s Literary Achievements:

Karen’s works have been widely acclaimed, and she has received several awards for her writing. Her writings have been featured in leading publications like The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The New York Times, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. Her patience for poetry, Sassing, won the Georgia Author of the Year award in Poetry, and her other works have been finalists for the SIBA Book Awards. Karen has also been a finalist for the 2015 Georgia Author of the Year in Creative Nonfiction for Disrupt This! MOOCs and the Promises of Technology.

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Karen’s Storytelling Approach:

Karen’s storytelling approach is one that has captivated readers globally. Her unique writing style is fluid, easy to understand, and filled with metaphorical expressions that capture the reader’s imagination. Her writing is blunt, concise, and capable of delivering the core message effectively. Karen’s stories revolve around subjects like technology, education, relationships, and family. Her writing style is grounded in reality and often draws inspiration from her experiences and observations.

FAQs About Karen Head:

  1. What is Karen Head’s educational background?
  2. Karen Head attended Georgia State University and obtained her Master’s degree in English Education, followed by a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition from Clemson University.

  3. How many awards has Karen Head won for her writing and education work?
  4. Karen has been recognized with many awards for her writing over the years, including the Georgia Author of the Year award in Poetry for her collection of poems Sassing. She has also been awarded for her educational work, including the IDEA Award for the most innovative online course by an individual and the Mayer Award for Innovation in Teaching.

  5. What is Karen Head’s website, and what can readers expect from it?
  6. Karen Head’s website is karenhead.com, which features her writings, news updates, and information on upcoming events and her projects.

  7. What inspired Karen Head to become a writer?
  8. Karen’s love for writing was innate, and she discovered it during her college years. The inspiration to write came from her observation of life around her and her experiences, causing her to express herself in words.

  9. What is Karen Head’s most famous work?
  10. One of Karen Head’s most famous works is her collection of poems called Sassing, which won the Georgia Author of the Year award in Poetry.

  11. What does Karen Head aim to achieve with her writing and teaching?
  12. Karen Head’s aim is to promote writing as a skill. With her initiatives for students, she inspires them to be creative and articulate.

  13. What can Karen Head’s readers and fans expect from her in the future?
  14. Karen will continue to write, educate and conduct workshops and seminars on writing for interested individuals and corporations, sharing her knowledge from her years of experience.

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Karen Head is a remarkable writer and educator who has inspired people across various age groups. Her dedication, passion and contribution to both fields have earned her numerous recognitions over the years. Karen’s unique writing and storytelling approach and her commitment to promoting writing skills have created an impact that will last for years to come. Readers need to continue to support Karen’s work and inspire others to follow in her footsteps, promoting the art of writing.

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